Our Story


A Story by our Mother

My two sons, brothers and owners of The Brothers Burger Joint, Jeremiah and Cole James always loved food: eating it, preparing it, and sharing it. They both worked in restaurants in Nashville and Louisville, and they both had dreams of owning their own restaurant one day. They purchased a food truck in 2015 instead and began working the streets of Nashville and the surrounding areas, specializing in gourmet burgers and fries under the name of The Brothers Burger.

It didn't take long before they made a name for themselves and had a following of people who loved their burgers. They made sure everything possible was locally sourced, giving all the small business people like themselves a chance to get their products out as well. In May 2017, they had an offer from Cole’s friend Patrick Barber to start a restaurant in Berry Hill. Patrick had previously closed Patrick's Bistreaux because of other obligations and thought this was a good spot for their first restaurant.

It was indeed a great location and one they have been familiar with their entire life. They both went to elementary school on Thompson Lane at St Edward, and both attended high school on Franklin Road: Jeremiah at John Overton, and Cole at Father Ryan. Our family is very large and were all raised just miles from Berry Hill, so they know the area very well.

With lots of help from their father, Richard, they began to work on the space and prepare it to open with a new name: Brothers Burger Joint. We opened on September 1, 2017, with lots of nervousness, anxiety, happiness, and gratitude to such wonderful friends and family who supported us tremendously. Everyone loves the food served and the menu has been expanded to other items besides burgers. These native Nashvillians are making their mark in Nashville and Berry Hill, one burger at a time and I can say, "I am one proud Mama!"

- Mom